These went in reverse order - but this is colby winning his first place ribbon at the very end for the "Trail Class" event.
In this event he had to do many of the skills he works on each week. Pictures later...

Colby putting Ed's saddle away with Ms. Melissa his instructor - and Ms. Katherine his OT behind him.

2nd Place for the "Surprise Relay" event. His last event. is the relay...sorry these went backward when I posted.

Getting ready for the relay.

Matt and Kellan coming to watch the relay.

Waiting for his heat in the helmet area.

2nd Place Ribbon for the "Ring Race" event.

This is Colby being judged for the "Trail Class" event. He had to go into that box and make Ed do 1/4 turns. They judge on how well they make the 1/4 turns...if they step on the posts or go outside the posts in the box they lose points. 

Part of the trail class. Colby has to line Ed up and have him walk over the posts trying to get as close to the red tape as possible. 

Ring Race...

Ring Race...Colby's first event.

Getting ready for the Ring Race.

Mounting for the "Ring Race" with Ms. Melissa and sidewalker/leader

There were all kinds of other little booths and events. Brody and Kellan got to pet and brush miniature horses and donkeys. 

Brody got to lead a mini-donkey around all by himself!!!

They got to take a cart ride with the donkey. It was a really, really fun day. Hot, hot, hot by the finish. And last but not least, we are still in utter shock...because...we....won....the mini-ipad raffle! What?? We never win anything!!! It was our lucky day!

To say that our lives just don't stop for much is an understatement, good and bad of course. We have lots of fun, but there is of course just loads of stuff to do each day. So this is March to May. In March we spent a weekend with my dad at LBJ National Park. It was a bit chilly because of the wind was blowing atrociously that day, but it was sooo fun. Not at all what I expected. 

 There was a real working farm.
 A Super-duper old school slide, that I am sure has been totally banned for safety issues..gave me palpitations. As you can see the top of the slide was at least 7ft in the air and there wasn't much too it, but holy cow was it fun! 

 While poking around the farm,the boys found real eggs in the chicken coop. The farmer came out and asked them to gather them and take them to the kitchen...In the kitchen they got to see the ladies making cheese, and butter. 
Funny Farm?

Early March we got a c-r-a-z-y hail storm that just dumped buckets of pretty good sized hail in a matter of minutes. It was flowing down our street like a river, and piled up everywhere outside. 
Late April we couldn't resist the bluebonnets. The wild flowers this year were beautiful.
Easter Morning
I love this picture. Do you see they are both charging after the same egg...yep...totally our house.Look at Brody's face...I guarantee he is about to screatch "Colby" followed by..."Mom Colby's stealing my egg..."
On a school holiday we all went to Zilker Park and rode the train and was a super fun morning.
If you know me, then you know I can't resist a little make over, especially furniture refinishing. I love it...
...first few coats....
So in March and April I had an itch and did tons of little and not so little projects...don't know where I found the time, but I did. Here's a little table I found on craigslist for $15 bucks. It was solid wood, just a little wobbly. My dad helped me take it apart and all it needed was a little wood glue in the joints and a little bit of filler in some minor cracks....
Whaalaaa! new table...pretty cute I might add.
I also asked Matt to switch around my office and living room furniture...and it made such a huge difference. I sewed some new curtains to finish it off. 
May was the craziest month ever. You know how it goes...there is something about that last month of school that just screams schedule me, and everyone and everything has a party or a meeting or something....Well Colby had his 7th birthday...and Matt and I both got a little crazy creatively...Colby wanted an angry birds Matt rigged this awesome slingshot and I got busy making pigs, birds, and party favors....more pictures to come...

We also, caught some tadpoles and watched them develop. It was really fun. Here are the boys setting them free.
I must of just be in total creativity mode those three months, which, was actually highly inconvenient because of the lack of time, but I made these cute white boards with up-cycled frames and stands from goodwill for teacher gifts.